Hockey Hands to remove THAT smell!

Hockey Hands by SportzGemz

Hockey Hands is our first new product in a while. This product is for the hockey player who is tried of their hands smelling during hockey season

A 2 pouch set, containing two large pouches filled with our fabulous zeolite, which are super powered for your gloves.

My first experience with Hockey Hands Smell was when I borrowed my 16 years old sons old gloves (they had been sitting for a year) and tried to learn to play. My hands stunk for a week! In went the SportzGemz because I wasn’t smelling THAT again. The next week, it was so much better. I simply washed my hands after practice and put the SportzGemz back in the gloves until the following practice.

Why Hockey Hands?

We have spoken with many different people over the past 12 years in business. Often we hear “the gloves are the worst”. Perhaps that is because you can still smell the stink on your hands days later, or maybe it’s the construction of the gloves – we aren’t sure. We KNOW that gloves are worse than skates or shoes or runners and we have sold SportzGemz2 for them in the past. These are great and work well, however become overwhelmed quicker than we would like. Hockey Hands contain more zeolite that SportzGemz2 and work longer before need to be re-charged.


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