About Us

This product was developed by a Sports Mom out of necessity!  My husband and my kids are all athletes.  In my home I have diving equipment, sailing equipment, hockey equipment, soccer cleats, a ringette bag, a hockey bag, figure skates, football cleats, catching gear, roller blades, helmets, gloves, golf clubs,  tennis racquets and sneakers.  Where there are sports, you find my family.

As the level of competition increased, so did the smell.  There were times that it was absolutely overwhelming!  We’ve had athlete’s foot, fungal burns, rancid equipment, wet equipment…

After years of driving home from arenas, ball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, golf courses… with wet, stinky sports equipment, it was time to solve the problem!

During a networking meeting, I was introduced to the mineral, zeolite.  We tested the mineral in a variety of  different forms in our own sports bags and those of our friends and found time after time that the mineral took away the smell and would help speed up the drying time of the equipment.

Our family has used the mineral in hockey skates, gloves, equipment and bags, in ringette equipment, in softball catching equipment, cleats and gloves, in diving equipment, golf shoes, sneakers, jogging shoes, basketball shoes, volleyball shoes, track and field shoes/cleats, snowboarding boots, helmets and gloves, ski boots, helmets and gloves and in our home gym.

In the past six years, the mineral has been testing in every sports bag we can think of and so far it works just great!

We feel that SportzGemz should be in every athlete’s bag, obviously because it is our company and we love the product, but moreover because of the health benefits to the athlete.

Breathing the smell of sports equipment not only smells nasty, but the airborne bacteria gets into the soft tissue of the nasal passages, lungs and into the throat.  This promotes infection, colds, flus… So simply to stop the airborne contaminates, we would love to see people using SportzGemz.

When you can walk into a dressing room or locker room and it doesn’t stink, its a good reason to use SportzGemz.

Sports equipment is expensive and we want it to last longer.  By using SportzGemz and not giving the bacteria and fungus a chance to grow, which breaks down the fabric and padding of the equipment, the equipment will last longer, and that’s a money saver – another great reason for SportzGemz.

Wendy Ratel
SportzGemz a brand of Fresh-N Home Products