How SportzGemz work

Use SportzGemz daily to remove the smell and dry all sports equipment!

  • Eliminate odor
  • Remove smell
  • Dries
  • All natural
  • Renew in the sun and reuse

Your sports equipment contains fungus, bacteria and whatever else you can imagine.  You only need to smell your gear to know how bad it really is.

Think about a bag of fruit. Leave it somewhere warm, moist and dark and it starts to stink, it grows fungus, mold and bacteria.  Your sports equipment is much like that fruit.  Keep it in a dark, damp place and it very quickly starts to stink, grow mold, fungus and bacteria.  And every time you put on your sports equipment, it’s like taking that moldy fruit and rubbing it on you skin.  

The bacteria and fungus can cause other problems besides rashes. It deteriorates the equipment.  The bacteria can also become air-born, so not only does it work to destroy equipment, it also travels to coaches and parents and fans.  Everyone gets a “taste” of the equipment.  The airborne bacteria can carry flus and viruses as well.

Darren McCarty, of the Detroit Red Wings, was off 3 weeks for an infection on his elbow.  Toronto’s Mikael Renberg had to consider amputation. These are professional athletes in prime condition. These guys are as healthy as it gets, yet their dirty gear could have cost them their career, even their life.

Drying the equipment out effectively is a challenge.  Especially if the athlete plays several times each week or is playing in a tournament.

SportzGemz dry AND remove the smell. The volcanic mineral inside SportzGemz absorbs.  The result of drying equipment out properly is that the bacteria and fungus don’t grow and the risk of infection is minimized.  SportzGemz also have an antimicrobial property.  The mineral has been used for years in hospitals, water filtration and all sorts of industrial applications because of this unique, natural property.

By using SportzGemz pouches every time you play, your equipment will dry out and the smell won’t form. SportzGemz work great in new equipment! The smell doesn’t happen.  Even in used equipment, the smell will gradually be removed.

SportzGemz contain the mineral Zeolite as their main ingredient.

What is zeolite? Synthetic and natural zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates withsymmetrically stacked alumina and silica tetrahedra which result in an open and stable three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge. The negative charge within the pores is neutralized by positively charged ions (cations) such as sodium.   Over 150 zeolite structural types have been identified.

The above definition is very technical.  What it means is that when you place our pouches near a smell or close to moisture, the zeolite inside the pouch absorbs it.

The zeolite continues to absorb for many months, taking in approximately 300% of it’s weight in odor and moisture particles.

Eventually it will become saturated.  When this happens and the pouches start to smell, place them in direct sunlight for the day to re-energize them and put then back to work in your equipment bag.  We’ve found that if you re-energize your pouches every 4 months or so, you will have them to use for several years.

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