SportzGemz2 for Smelly Shoes

For smelly shoes, gloves or boots use SportzGemz2.  

No more smelly shoes

SportzGemz2 for smelly shoes

A 2 pouch set that is highly effective for smelly shoes. Drop in shoes, gloves or boots to remove smell.  Dries the footwear or gloves overnight. Transfer between your shoes and your slippers to keep your slippers fresh too.

SportzGemz2 remove smell and dry.  

  • Simple to use, 
  • Highly effective, 
  • Natural, 
  • Unscented, 
  • Non-Toxic, 
  • Fits all shoe sizes, 
  • Renewable by placing in the sun or in the microwave for one minute,
  • Place the pouches outside in the sun during daylight hours twice or three times a year.


My daughter used to change from her softball cleats to basketball shoes in the car beside me. At first, before we took our SportzGemz2, we were overwhelmed by the smelly shoes! Now, she drops here SportzGemz2 into her cleats immediately and there is no smell. – Patricia, Toronto, ON

SportzGemz2 contain the all natural, volcanic mineral, zeolite. Zeolites absord (or more correctly adsorb) odor and moisture and store the odor and moisture inside the cation structure of the mineral. The mineral we use has a very high cation exchange ratio, which means it dries and remove the smell quickly and effectively. Our pouches are designed to work for 2-3 years. That is about how long the fabric we use for our pouches lasts. When the pouches are done, simply cut them open and mix the mineral into the soil of your plants. The mineral has taken the smell and converted it to a nitrate which will now feed the roots of your plants, helping them build a strong root base.

$17.95 for the 2 pouch set of SportzGemz2


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