Smelly sports equipment is a problem! The harder the athlete works, the more the equipment smells. SportzGemz5 solve the problem of smelly sports equipment.

Designed to work in head to toe equipment, such as hockey equipment, football equipment, lacrosse equipment, ringette equipment, SportzGemz5 does a great job of removing smell and drying the equipment.

The 5 pouch bags include 4 smaller pouches and one larger pouch. The 4 smaller pouches are for skates, gloves, cleats, sneakers… The large pouch works to remove the smell in helmets, in the bottom of the bag, in the chest protector – the larger areas of the sports equipment.5 piece set - 4 smaller pouches for gloves and footwear and a large pouch for a bag or helmet.

Place the pouches inside the gloves and skates for maximum benefit. SportzGemz5 will dry the gloves and skates in 4-5 hours. When placed inside the equipment the ionic mineral inside the pouches draws out the moisture.

Place the large pouch in the hockey bag or in the helmet.

Having the pouch close to the equipment removes all the smell. If the equipment is used and the smell is already in the equipment, the pouches will still work to remove the smell in the equipment.

Re-energize the pouches a few times year by placing them in the sun.  Designed to be used for the next 3 years.

$37.95 for all 5 pouches.


2 responses to “SportzGemz5”

  1. Paula Clawson says:


    My hockey player is willing to give these a try but what’s really bothering him is that HE smells really bad after a tournament. The smell gets on his clothes and then the seat covers of his car so after a long drive home he ends up washing the seat covers (which is a major pain). Think a packet placed underneath the seat cover would work?
    Thanks. I’ll place my order after I get your reply. Paula

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Paula, I completely understand how bad the smell can be. Two things – the SportzGemz will keep the smell to a tolerable level in the equipment – even during a tournament. The pouches work continuously to absorb the smell and dry. Second, placing a pouch under the seat cover is an excellent idea, if the seat covers breathe, as in air moves through them. If you tuck them at the base of the seat under the seat cover, you’ll never know they are there. Also, there is a bonus offer on pouches for the car (for this exact reason). After you place your order, you’ll be taken to another page with a special offer on pouches for the car. Also, all our products offer a money back guarantee. I know you’ll both be happy! Thanks for your interest.

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