Stinky Sports Bags – SportzGemz3

SportzGemz3 for stinky sports bags are fantastic for eliminating smell in sports equipment.

  • Gym bagsstinky sports bags
  • Soccer cleats
  • Volleyball bags
  • School lockers
  • Golf
  • Basketball bags
  • Kick-boxing
  • Sneakers

This 3 pouch set includes 2 pouches for footwear or gloves.

Place the large pouch in the equipment bag, or the locker or the trunk. Place the smaller pouches inside the footwear or gloves and the pouches will draw the moisture out, leaving the equipment dry and comfortable to wear.

By drying equipment effectively and quickly, the bacteria and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) nasties don’t get a chance to form.  This lessens the chance of rashes and itchy skin.

How do they work?

The pouches filled with the natural odor eliminator, zeolite will:

  • Remove smell
  • Eliminate odor
  • Dry when in contact with moisture
  • Non-toxic
  • Unscented
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective

Rather than using a powder that creates dust or a spray that you have to replace every two weeks, we have bagged the odor absorbing mineral, zeolite in flannel pouches.  Our colorful pouches are easy for everyone (kids and husbands included) to use.  Also, the colorful fabric doesn’t get lost in the equipment bag and forgotten.

Will the stinky sports bags stop stinking?

As long as the athlete uses the equipment to work out in, then the equipment is being sweat in and if it is not dried out properly, it will stink. Using SportzGemz will dry the equipment faster and not allow the bacteria time to ferment. When used with new equipment, the equipment does not start to stink for a long time and when used in well worn equipment, the pouches will take the smell down to a much more pleasant or palatable level.

Re-energize the pouches a few times year by placing them in the sun and when it’s raining you can place the pouches in the microwave for 1 minute.  The heat from the microwave will remove the moisture stored inside the mineral so there is more room for the smell from the stinky sports bag.  Not to worry, the microwave won’t stink as the mineral neutralizes the odor.

$26.95 for 3 pouches


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