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SportzGemz are something every athlete needs.

Whether you go to the gym, or are an Olympic athlete, you sweat!

Sports equipment is meant to protect you.  Let’s protect the sports equipment as well.  As you sweat, the moisture is absorbed into the equipment.  When not properly dried out, the moisture becomes bacteria which starts to break down the equipment and smell.  SportzGemz dry the equipment and remove the environment where the bacteria grows.  Therefore, the equipment continues to protect you better and for longer.

We love working with our retailers.  We supply POP information, education for the staff and even a video that explains how SportzGemz work.  We also include a sample set for you to try.  The best and fastest way to sell SportzGemz is to have used them.

Provide your customers with a healthy, eco friendly, natural, resuseable SOLUTION to smelly sports equipment.  Whether it’s an add-on to a large sale or a impulse purchase recommended at the cash desk, SportzGemz are a MUST HAVE.

Our products are GS1 UPC coded and ready for retail.

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Wendy Ratel

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