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Smelly Sports Equipment

Remove Smell & Dry Sports Equipment

Do SportzGemz actually work to remove smell?

Are you an athlete?  Do you train hard?  Does your sports equipment smell like you work hard?  Have you ever had anyone COMPLAIN about the smell?  Have you ever wondered what died in your sports equipment, because the smell is so bad?  Have you tried the sprays, the powders, the balls and NOTHING works?

Then you need SportzGemz to remove smell!

SportzGemz are an easy to use, all natural SOLUTION that remove smell AND dries sports equipment.

Drop the pouches inside the footwear or gloves or skates or the bag and walk away.

There are 3 different SportzGemz products.

SportzGemz5 – 5 pouches for hockey, ringette, lacrosse, football – the sports with full head to toe equipment.  This set is great for ski and snowboard equipment as well.  4 pouches for gloves and footwear and the large pouch for the helmet or the sports equipment bag.

SportzGemz3 – a 3 piece set works great in soccer, gym bags, running, tennis – the sports that have less equipment.

SportzGemz2 – 2 pieces set for footwear or gloves.

Sports equipment is expensive. SportzGemz are an investment to extend the life and reduce the smell in that expensive equipment.

SportzGemz5 or SG5

smelly sports equipment

A 5 piece set for skates, gloves and the sports bag.

This is our largest set.  Designed for the head to toe equipment like hockey, football, rugby, lacrosse or ringette – or for the athlete that has multiple sports bags.

A 5 pouch set with 4 smaller pouches for gloves and footwear and a large pouch for odor removal in the equipment bag, or a specific piece of equipment, like the helmet.

For more information on SportzGemz5, click here.

$37.95 for the 5 piece set


SportzGemz3 or SG3

Remove smell from sports equipment

A 3 piece set for gym bags with gloves or shoes

SportzGemz3 are great for basketball, volleyball, lockers, motocross, kayaking, skiing, workout bags, softball, baseball, figure skating… The 2 smaller pouches are for footwear or gloves and the larger pouch can be used for the bag or the locker or the trunk of the car…

Click here for more detailed information on the SportzGemz3 pouch set.

$26.95 for a 3 piece set


SportzGemz2 or SG2

smelly shoes solution

SportzGemz2 for smelly shoes.

Sometimes all you need a 2 pouches for footwear or gloves.  SportzGemz2 are the answer.

Drop the pouches in the footwear, skates or gloves each night to remove the smell and dry them out.

$17.95 for a 2 piece set


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3 different size sets of SportzGemz for you!

SportzGemz2 for Smelly Shoes

For smelly shoes, gloves or boots use SportzGemz2.   A 2 pouch set that is highly effective for smelly shoes. Drop in shoes, gloves or boots to remove smell.  Dries the footwear or gloves overnight. Transfer between your shoes and your slippers to keep your slippers fresh too. SportzGemz2 remove smell and dry.   Simple to use,  Highly effective,  Natural,  Unscented,  Non-Toxic,  Fits all shoe sizes,  Renewable by […]

Stinky Sports Bags – SportzGemz3

SportzGemz3 for stinky sports bags are fantastic for eliminating smell in sports equipment. Gym bags Soccer cleats Volleyball bags School lockers Golf Basketball bags Kick-boxing Sneakers This 3 pouch set includes 2 pouches for footwear or gloves. Place the large pouch in the equipment bag, or the locker or the trunk. Place the smaller pouches inside the footwear or gloves and the pouches will draw the […]


Smelly sports equipment is a problem! The harder the athlete works, the more the equipment smells. SportzGemz5 solve the problem of smelly sports equipment. Designed to work in head to toe equipment, such as hockey equipment, football equipment, lacrosse equipment, ringette equipment, SportzGemz5 does a great job of removing smell and drying the equipment. The 5 pouch bags include 4 smaller pouches and one larger […]